NexxPhase & Contact Solutions Team Up to Tackle Better Business Intelligence

Few companies can operate for long without a clear and present understanding of the market. Knowing what customers want, and what companies in the market both are and aren’t offering—not to mention where those sectors overlap—can mean all the difference between long-term success and short-term failure. A new partnership recently revealed between NexxPhase and , meanwhile, looks to improve the process of understanding the market and helping customers within said markets.

The partnership between NexxPhase and Contact Solutions is set to bring with it not only improvements in tools designed to yield better business intelligence, but also new tools to help customers engage in self-service mechanisms. useful cloud-based services to help drive customer engagement, and Contact Solutions deals in cloud-based customer care systems, with a particular focus on means to improve customer engagement. Contact Solutions was, at last report, the first company to offer optimization tools, benchmarking with a data focus, and analytics tools that can yield direct points of action.

With the new tools, calls can actually reflect the contents of and the resolutions reached around previous calls. This steps up the personal touch involved, and actually increases the effectiveness of customer self-service methods.

NexxLinx’s CEO, Craig Mento, offered up a bit of commentary on the partnership arrangement, saying “Contact Solutions has made a real science out of studying the difference between customer disservice and a rewarding customer experience. And then doing something about it. We’re thrilled to be working with them.” Contact Solutions’ COO and Executive Vice President of Strategic Development, Vete Clements, meanwhile, noted “NexxPhase has done an excellent job at understanding the unique needs of each client. Contact Solutions’ cloud-based IVR and mobile customer self-service is a perfect fit within their infrastructure, creating effortless customer care, breaking down the silos through highly personalized engagements, and providing sustainable, unique solutions for our mutual customers that quickly adapt to rapidly changing customer demands.”

Bringing in self-service methods for customer service, at least on some points, can be a very valuable tool for businesses to put to use. It allows for reduced staffing in customer service departments, as many common issues can be successfully routed to a combination of (IVR) tools and basic menus. If contact center staff doesn’t need to address the basics, then staff can be devoted to taking on more complex issues that require more of a human touch. The fewer people assigned to telling people things like store hours or account balances on a billing account, the more people can be put to major issues that might result in lost customers.

When the customers with simple questions can get answers just as quickly and effectively as customers with complex issues, the end result is a lot more in the way of satisfied customer. That’s a welcome development for all concerned, and a development that should make the partnership between NexxPhase and Contact Solutions a sound one indeed.

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