Connect First Joins Coalition of Groups to Connect With Charity

Connect First is already a name to be reckoned with when it comes to (SaaS) software, along with its reputation in cloud contact center software. But now, it’s looking to make an expansion in another role, joining up with a group of other concerns to bring some extra value into peoples’ lives in a whole new way. Specifically, Connect First is joining others to help out on the housing front.

Specifically, —through its Connect First Foundation—is teaming up with the World Racing League (WRL) to give fellow partner Flatirons Habitat for Humanity not only more in the way of resources to work with, but also some help on the ground in terms of getting more people back in houses in the area. Flatirons Habitat for Humanity Executive Director Susan Lythgoe offered up a little more in the way of background on how the three groups got together.

She said “It is so important to the work of nonprofits such as Flatirons Habitat for Humanity to receive such tremendous support from our business community. When we have the opportunity to extend that support and message to a broader audience through the World Racing League, it is even more impactful. It was so exciting to spend time with the Connect First team at the endurance race and share our mutual passions for events such as that and help to improve our community. Many thanks to Connect First for making that bridge possible.”

This isn’t a first for the Connect First Foundation, however, having also been reportedly seen in events like the “Tour de Cure,” and the Susan G. Komen “Race for the Cure” events. This shows just how deeply Connect First is committed to not just providing a quality product in the SaaS field, but also in helping others in time of need. As Connect First COO Dan Candee described, “So many of our neighbors and our community were crippled by the flood, and are still in serious rebuilding mode. Habitat is facilitating many rebuild projects along the Front Range, and we want to do everything we can to support that mission.”

Engaging in charitable works is a great thing for a company to do. It not only allows for a deeper connection between the community and the business that serves the community with its products and services, but it also provides something of a halo effect for the rest of the business’ ventures, providing a margin of error should something go wrong. Apologies from a company for a defective product or an accident involving hazardous wastes, for example, tend to fall on more receptive ears when the company is already well-known for cleaning up parks or building houses. Charitable moves for a business, therefore, aren’t just the right thing to do, but also the smart thing to do to ensure regular provision of goodwill from the community, a valuable coin in time of trouble.

Thus, Connect First has afforded itself a measure of protection, as well as a measure of respect from the community at large. It will be interesting to see if this has any impact on the company’s bottom line in the near term, but whether it does or it doesn’t, it still has some valuable protections and a little good old fashioned karma insurance.

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