Zultys Mobile Communicator for iPhone has Contact Center and Voice Mail Enhancements

Sunnyvale, CA-based unified communications (UC) solutions provider Zultys has released . Available for immediate download on the Apple App store, if you are an Apple iPhone user you may wish to check this out. The reason is that in its latest release users of Zultys Mobile 4.0 will enable iPhone users to access contact center and Visual Voice Mail functionality from their mobile devices.  

“With so many employees constantly on the move, the option to access high level unified communication capability from a smart phone has become paramount when choosing a new office phone system,” said Steve Francis, chief sales and marketing officer at Zultys. “With the new Mobile Communicator 4.0, Zultys improves productivity and makes employees more accessible to contacts both inside and outside the organization regardless of where they are currently located.”

The good news for contact center administration and agents is freedom from their cubicles. Agents with the app will now be able to make or receive contact center calls from their personal devices. At a time when innovations in routing interactions to the right people at the right time are becoming key to increasing both productivity and the user experience, this is not an insignificant capability.  This is particularly true in having the ability to give remote and mobile agents the full functionality they have at their desktops.  

It is also of note that Zultys Mobile 4.0 also provides iPhone users with full access to their voice mailbox including visualization. In fact, the Visual Voice Mail feature is designed to make it easy to sort through and listen to incoming messages for both the user’s personal extension and for Contact Center extensions for agents.  Plus, incoming messages can be saved, deleted or forwarded on to another employee along with a personalized pre-amble message.

Mobile is not just about when working remotely when it comes to contact centers. It is about being available even when in the office but not at a desk and having the full capabilities to be found and be responsive.  It really is coming down to being about the app. 

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