Promero Debuts Speech Analytics OnDemand Cloud Solution

Call centers are working hard to constantly improve the quality of service offered to customers, and to enhance their own productivity. Many call centers rely on speech analytics to instantly access and review data from millions of customer engagements, classify cost reduction, as well as optimization opportunities, monitor compliance, and easily uncover the root cause of issues.

Promero, Inc., a reseller and hosting provider of call center software, has recently rolled out new Speech Analytics OnDemand program. This platform is ideal for contact centers to enhance call center agent performance and immediately improve business processes.

Promero’s Speech Analytic OnDemand solution is backed by CallMiner Eureka platform that helps in improving contact center and enterprise performance. CallMiner’s Eureka platform automates the overwhelming process of monitoring information from 100 percent of interactions – calls/audio, chat, email, surveys and social – to uncover consistent and reliable information about agent performance.

In fact, Promero’s complete call center software, call recording and speech analytics solutions is suitable for business owners to gauge every customer contact and call.

Promero’s OnDemand solution points out pre-configured solutions for scoring customer service, sales performance and outbound collections, including configurations that assess every call for Mini Miranda language, Right Party Contact Language, non-compliance with Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Fair Debt Collation’s Practices Act and abusive language from either party.

This platform also includes redacting service (the removal of confidential information) to enable customers to make use of PCI compliant sensitive recordings. This is done when customers are requesting to remove any confidential information and meet compliance standards.

Recently, a travel vacation and resort management company implemented the CallMiner Eureka platform, helping the company to bag Speech Technology Magazine’s 2013 ‘Speech Industry Implementation Award’.

The usage of CallMiner Eureka helped the Travel Company to associate talk and handle time with customer satisfaction and frustration levels. They were also able to make this important determination across their entire call center agent pool. 

Edited by Adam Brandt

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