Interactive Intelligence Partners with Amcom

Customer experience software provider Interactive Intelligence announced this week that it has partnered with communications company Amcom. The two companies have joined in order for Amcom to resell the Interactive Intelligence software suite, Customer Interaction Center.

The announcement indicates that Interactive Intelligence is excited to have Amcom enter its ranks as a reseller. Brendan Maree, vice president of Interactive Intelligence in Australia, New Zealand, and Japan, spoke about the partnership in his company’s announcement.

“We are delighted to be working with Amcom as a reseller partner. This will enable Interactive Intelligence to satisfy demand and support deployment for our cloud-based communications solutions while opening up major new business opportunities for our companies in both public and private sector organisations,” Maree said.

Amcom, based in Australia, has also had its SIP Services package validated. It is now cleared to work directly with the Interactive Intelligence Contact Centre Platform. Working together, the two platforms should allow businesses working with Amcom to reduce their SIP purchasing costs by eliminating the need to purchase additional hardware or telephony equipment. Amcom can offer a telecommunications package that is entirely IP-based and therefore will take businesses away from legacy ISDN services.

The Customer Interaction Center is capable of being utilized entirely in the cloud or on-site. Interactive Intelligence lists its applications as including multichannel routing and queuing, interactive voice response, call and screen recording, predictive dialing, workforce management, real-time speech analytics, and customer feedback management.

Businesses can realize many benefits when switching from a legacy telephony system to one that works entirely through a . This includes the ability for VoIP and related services to scale with a business as it grows and the simplicity of such scaling. Businesses can also manage their entire operation from within the cloud, such is the case with the Customer Interaction Center, and handle the deployment or restriction of a range of services such as call forwarding or routing.

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