Interactive Intelligence Launches PureCloud Communication, Collaboration Apps

Interactive Intelligence has announced that it is launching PureCloud, a suite of enterprise-grade cloud-based communication and collaboration applications with an eye toward customer service.

“Many of the current cloud-based communications offerings are far from enterprise-grade,” Interactive Intelligence founder and CEO Donald Brown said. “Most of them leave their customers dead in the water if Internet connectivity is lost or the service itself is interrupted. PureCloud, however, was designed to handle the scalability, reliability and security needs of the largest global organizations.”

PureCloud includes a number of features, including unified communications, contact center automation and workflow management. It also includes a complete suite of communications applications including fax, IP-PBX, instant messaging, call recording and even fax.

Some of the new features include PureMatch, which can match a customer to a customer service agent based on certain criteria.

PureCloud Social Customer Service lets customers view profiles of customer service agents, letting them view traits such as wait times and service ratings. Customers can then choose which agents they think would serve them the best.

PureCloud Directory offers a complete corporate directory that includes traits such as skills, experience and location. It integrates with a number of corporate tools including Microsoft SharePoint, Active Directory, Salesforce and Exchange. It even supports mobile platforms, including iOS, Android and Windows 8 Phone.

Although PureCloud runs an Amazon Web Services, as do a number of other popular cloud services, it’s designed to stay up even if a customer’s Internet connection goes down. Customers have the options to install Edge devices in addition to relying on the cloud. The on-premises solution adds an extra level of reliability.

“We’re now unique in that we can offer customers a mature, premises-based solution, as well as both single-tenant and multitenant cloud services,” Brown said. “Our aim is to provide everything organizations need for communications, collaboration, and customer engagement, in whatever way they want it delivered.”

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