iG04 Partners Turns to Interactive Intelligence for Contact Center Solution

The lifeblood of insurance companies is handling all types of customer inquiries efficiently and effectively. It is why so much attention by insurers has been paid recently to substantially up-grading/transforming their customer interaction capabilities from handling claims to automating all aspects of what has been a labor intensive workflow environment.

U.K.-based personal line of insurance firm iGO4 Partners is one company that recognized the need to upgrade its contact center to next generation functionality as part of its overall ICT transformation to provide better customer experiences. To do so, it turned to customer experience solutions provider Interactive Intelligence as its vendor for modernization and automation in the form of Interactive’s  flagship  Customer Interaction Centre (CIC) solution. The CIC solutions will be used to support iGO4 Partners’ three contact center operations in Peterborough and Colchester, England which have 350 agents between them.

iGO4 has a broad portfolio of insurance products covering car, home and van insurance. It is recognized as being a leader in the U.K. of development of telematics-based products, which enable insurers to calculate risk and set premiums based on actual driving behavior.

According to iGO4 it selected Interactive Intelligence’s CIC solution, deployed via the cloud from the Communications as a Service platform, based on a series of criteria. This included the need for scalability, multi-media support, PCI-DSS compliance and future-proofing.

The CaaS cloud-based offering from Interactive Intelligence includes:

  • Omni-channel support
  • Inbound ACD
  • Automatic dialer capabilities
  • Workforce optimization functionality
  • Back office telephony.

The solution also includes Interaction Marquee, an add-on tool that enables users to view and display real-time statistics on wall boards, LED screens, monitors, and smart phone mobile devices.

In comments about the selection Ruth Dickens, iGO4, operations director says, “In addition to meeting our current requirements, CIC from Interactive Intelligence is the ideal deployment model to support the future needs of our business, our partners and our customers as we expand the services we offer.” She added that, “The customized solution delivers a full range of intuitive management information that enables us to streamline and better manage operations and gives us the flexibility we need to develop tailored solutions for our partners in this fast-paced, changing market.”

Dave Paulding, regional director U.K., Middle East, Interactive Intelligence, says, “CaaS is ideal for operations that require a high level of trust, functionality and flexibility, and nowhere is this more evident than in the insurance industry. In addition, the cloud-based solution adds a level of agility to iGO4’s operation as it deployed across its three main offices.”

“iGO4 is focused on operational excellence and controlling and developing the best end-to-end customer journeys for their clients. CIC enables the company’s contact centre agents to take full advantage of the versatility of the solution from a compliance and quality point of view to deliver on these requirements,” concluded Paulding.

The decision to upgrade and to do so via a CaaS solution are indicative of two major trends not just in the insurance sector but in general when it comes to using next generation communications to enhance the customer experience. The first is the recognition by all companies that there is a sense of urgency to keep pace with the ways in which customers wish to interact, which puts a premium on having omni-channel capabilities sooner rather than later. The second is looking to the cloud as the delivery vehicle for such solutions as the business case for doing so becomes more and more compelling. 

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