Exostar Recognized as Specialist Member of BT for Life Sciences

a company offering cloud-based identity assurance products and business applications, has recently announced that it is now a Specialist Member of the BT for Life Sciences partner ecosystem.

The two companies have been working together to enable Exostar’s federated identity solutions to ensure life sciences organizations receive seamless, secure access to the BT for Life Sciences’ cloud compute platform. After receiving the Specialist Member status, Exostar has offered BT’s Life Sciences customers to take advantage of the virtual scientist’s workbench in the cloud using Exostar IAM solution as a secure access point.

Users also have the privilege to get entree to a robust, global collaboration environment just by connecting BT’s Workbench Informatics and other BT for Life Sciences solutions to the Exostar Life Sciences Identity Hub. All these are done without any comprise on the security.

The combination of BT for Life Sciences, the BT Cloud Compute platform, and Exostar’s Life Sciences Identity Hub aims to offer easy, rapid and safe access to existing solutions. It will also enable the future development of virtual ‘scientist workbenches’ custom-made to various disciplines such as Bioinformatics and Cheminformatics.

The common goal of both companies has been to let the scientist focus on the science and not have to worry about the complexities of secure information management, particularly in a cloud environment that crosses enterprise boundaries.

“BT for Life Sciences offers an extremely powerful suite of solutions that enable Life Sciences organizations to more productively conduct critical activities throughout the drug R&D process,” said Daniel Pfeifle, Exostar’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Pfeifle further said that all these facilities are part of BT’s effort to increase “the potential utility of the tools exponentially by putting additional partner data, resources and applications in the hands of their customers.”

BT for Life Sciences has also launched solutions that provide scientists easy and effective access to the rich sources of information, based on its innovative cloud-based infrastructure. These are available today on a global basis.

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