eLoyalty’s Cloud Platform is Now PCI and HIPAA Compliant

eLoyalty, a part of TeleTech’s Customer Technology Services division, has recently has achieved Payment Card Industry (PCI), and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance for its cloud platform.

eLoyalty holds expertise in managed, on-premise, and cloud multichannel contact center solutions, as well as virtual store and branch integration. Enterprises that require advanced voice and data technologies integrated with customer-focused business design turn to eLoyalty for consulting services, systems integration, application development, monitoring, and managed services.

The company won the PCI and HIPAA compliance after a detailed third party auditing of its cloud platform to ensure that there were no areas of risk. The assessments were directed specifically for Denver and Phoenix data centers, which forms 90% of eLoyalty’s cloud platform computing. Also, eLoyalty’s brand new data center in Austin, Texas, is currently undergoing the PCI and HIPAA assessment in order to show compliance.

“Cloud computing is an increasingly attractive option for powering a seamless customer experience, yet we recognize the concerns it generates for security-conscious businesses, in particular for those working with sensitive healthcare information,” said Eric Quitugua, information security officer, eLoyalty.

Quitugua said that the PCI and HIPAA compliance enables businesses to leverage the robust capabilities of theircloud platform, while trusting that customer data is protected with state of the art security.

eLoyalty blends its services with industry-leading hardware and software applications to deliver solutions. The company has been intensifying its services within the healthcare vertical, and this new compliance will allow the company to offer multi-channel customer experience solution to its customers that matches with the security standards.

Steve Pollema, eLoyalty president and senior vice president, customer technology, TeleTech, said, “Ensuring the security of our client’s data, as well as their customer’s data, is of utmost importance to us, as evident by our pursuit of these two security standards.”

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