Cloud-based SIP PBX Highlights use of WebRTC for Contact Centers

For those who are visit the Cloud Contact Center Channel often you are likely getting used to the items that discuss how WebRTC and SIP are perfect together, particularly for use by contact centers as they work to become omnichannel-enabled.  ” It is a big trend that will continue to grow in 2015.

An example of this was the announcement this week from SIP software developer that they now support WebRTC on their new version (v3.4) of Brekeke PBX.  In short, WebRTC’s ability to transform multiple media and multimedia real-time interactions really is getting traction across the broad expanse of communications solutions. SIP is becoming a crucial part of the equation and contact centers are the low-hanging fruit.

Brekeke is a name many in the industry may not yet be familiar with. Founded in 2002 and headquartered in San Mateo, CA, the company has focused on helping make SIP happen.  For example, It’s the Brekeke PBX is a SIP-based, IP-PBX software that creates telephony systems for enterprises and service providers. It comes in three editions: Single-tenant, Multi-tenant (MT) and Contact Center Suite.

As the latest release website owners can not only provide communication capabilities for WebRTC clients but they can also connect them with existing SIP-enabled telephone networks. And, as so many having highlighted this means previous barriers to setting up and having high quality real-time video conferencing is not only made much easier but the reach of being able to do so has been dramatically extended thanks to being able to include anyone with a WebRTC enable browser.  

Another area where ease-of-use and extending reach has become a WebRTC attraction is for omnichannel contact center experiences.  This has been a hot target of opportunity for WebRTC as website owners can now receive customers’ calls directly from their website to their contact center without requiring any additional action from customers.

“I believe WebRTC is the biggest news in years for SIP communications. Just as SIP opened up more affordable and less brand-dependent communications, WebRTC will accelerate open communications among various platforms and devices,” said Shin Yamade, Brekeke’s CEO. “Our contact center providers and their customers are excited to add another communication method that they can use. Convenient access to contact centers will improve the effectiveness of customer service and, as a result, increase revenue and customer satisfaction for their businesses,” added Yamade.

WebRTC, SIP and Contact Centers really are starting to look perfect together.  In fact, there is little doubt that 2015 is going to demonstrate just how perfect.

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