Aspect Workforce Management Cloud – a Boon for Contact Centers?

Trapeze artists have to do a fine balancing act; contact centers are no different, as they have to efficiently manage a huge workforce and cater to demanding customers. Aspect Software’s workforce management (WFM) cloud, which comes fully integrated with its omni-channel cloud contact center solution Zipwire, seems just the tool for this.

“Aspect’s WFM Cloud provides the perfect complement to Zipwire, our award-winning omni-channel Cloud contact center, and is certainly among the best if not the best workforce management pure-cloud platform on the market,” says John Amein, vice president product management, Aspect.

Anyone managing a contact center knows how difficult it is to manage staffing levels and employee skills to market demand. Customers expect quality service and staff availability; employees want job satisfaction and work-life balance while management demands efficient, profitable operations.

Having the right employees with the right skills is not enough. Agents resources have to be optimized fully without overages or shortfalls, employees have to be motivated to achieve operational excellence and deliver outstanding customer service.

The Aspect cloud delivers all this- enterprise-class workforce management with the added benefits of cloud delivery: scalability, lowest total cost of ownership and elimination of software and hardware.

Aspect’s WFMC has a simple, intuitive interface that Web users find simple to use. An easy-to use schedule editor with a self-service interface allows agents control their own scheduling needs, while agents and supervisors are fully engaged and highly productive. In addition, it offers central visibility into employee activities and accurate forecasting in all contact center environments – all of which add up to simplify the management of workforces across multiple sites and locations.

Thus, Aspect’s WFM cloud appears to be the panacea for contact center ills as it helps achieve cost efficiency and superior customer experiences. “Because the solution operates seamlessly in the Aspect Cloud and is fully integrated with our Zipwire contact center, customers enjoy fast deployment of the two core elements they need for customer engagement,” observed Amein.

Aspect’s WFM solution is stated to be the system of choice for many leading companies, several of whom have as many as 40,000 agents. It is believed to have helped the world’s most demanding contact centers seamlessly align their people, processes and touch points to deliver remarkable customer experience.

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