Vacation Planning Just Got Easier

February 19, 2015

With much of the nation still suffering through winter’s icy hold, many are thinking about jumping on a jet to head for warmer climes. Naturally, planning such a trip might be wise, to get the best value for your hard-earned money. As such, the last thing anyone needs is a travel call center that can’t handle a high volume of calls.

So it was with that thought in mind that an industry-leading travel company has announced it will move 650 agents in ten call centers across the U.S. and internationally to the inContact cloud.

According to a statement from inContact, “This new customer was looking for a single cloud system to connect multiple business units with a flexible but unified system to accommodate growing operations,” something inContact has perfected. “The inContact platform will connect all operations for greater efficiency, and will handle all customer service channels including inbound and outbound voice traffic, chat functionality and email.”

The client – which, as per inContact company protocols was not identified – had a lengthy wish list when it began its provider search. Advanced features, quality and reliability of service were primary considerations for the company when it settled on inContact. What was especially appealing was the core multi-channel and system, integrated with the customer’s existing CRM, and a customized suite of inContact Workforce Optimization tools designed to boost both the efficiency and the effectiveness of the customer experience that it provides.

“Migrating older, disparate systems across multiple locations to the inContact all-in-one cloud solution is a big leap forward for enterprise contact center operations,” said inContact CEO Paul Jarman, in announcing the deal. “Now this customer’s business units will be connected in a completely unified system and they will have the ability to collaborate and share best practices and resources across all operations.”

According to both companies, this implementation will deliver on an extensive wish list of functions that were unavailable through past providers. inContact’s tools will replace time-consuming and costly manual processes with a robust suite of automated forecasting, analytics, and scheduling. In addition, inContact’s all-in-one solution includes comprehensive Quality Management and the ‘’ (ECHO) survey tool, which channels feedback directly to front-line teams for immediate improvements to the customer experience.

Now might be a good time to start packing that bathing suit.

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