Safety Industry Leader Goes with Cloud Contact Center Platform

October 09, 2014

A global player in safety products and services announced it has selected inContact’s award-winning cloud contact center platform for its own purposes.

Earlier, the company (which declined to be named, as per inContact company protocols) reported that it constantly faced service downtime and system limitations due to its older premise system. Owing to these issues and more, its ability to provide a high level of customer service and to take a more intelligent approach to customer-facing operations was obstructed, which in turn was negatively affecting its growth.

But the company said it will now implement inContact’s cloud platform built on an Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) foundation. Doing so will ensure that customers are directed to the right skilled agent for each unique service need.

In a release, inContact noted it will implement its comprehensive solution encompassing a full suite of Workforce Optimization software designed to maximize each interaction.

Company officials confirmed that inContact’s new client will also deploy the company’s Analytics Driven Quality solution, further enabling a more intelligent approach to the quality management process.

The results will later be analyzed and  transferred into the ACD via inContact’s workforce-intelligent contact center system, which will not only update agent skill levels but also adjust customer traffic as needed.

Furthermore, the company also opted to collect feedback and intelligence through inContact’s “Every Customer Has an Opinion” offering, with an intent to maintain and improve their high standard of service.

“Customer interaction is the core of our industry and cultivating a positive customer experience from the initiation of contact through resolution is vital,” noted Paul Jarman, CEO at inContact in a release announcing the deal. “Our cloud contact center portfolio unifies interactions across multiple channels on a proven and scalable platform which gives companies what they need in specialized markets.”

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