Philippines To Celebrate its Outsourcing Efforts with Call Center Week

November 03, 2014

While the United States is widely regarded to be the global center of the modern call center business, the seem to be hot on its heels. It appears the rise of the Philippines in the call center world has been accentuated with the announcement that Call Center Week is coming to the country. According to regional publication Micetimes.Asia, the country already has one of the largest call centers in the world, which is still growing. Call Center Week Philippines Makati will be taking place December 2nd through the the 5th.

The point of the call center week conference is to underline ways that companies can revolutionize call centers in the Philippines as well as the rest of the world. Along with the announcement of the call center conference, the country has said it is going to boost its call center revenues by the end of 2016 to $15 billion. This particular call center week event will be the largest call center event in Asia.

The conference will have up to 15 speakers, most of whom are those that understand the need to run and manage a call center business. One of the ways the country has made strides in the call center industry is by treating their call center employees better than the surrounding nations.

There has even been talk in the last few months of allowing call center workers to unionize. Should this eventually happen, it would mean that workers would be getting better wages in the long run. The Philippines have also worked on guaranteeing higher wages to call center workers that are operating during the “graveyard shift”, the hours where people normally work during the late night and early morning hours to better accommodate overseas callers from a different time zone. It stands to reason that moves like this are why the Call Center Week event is coming to the country in the first place.

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