Outsourcing Company Expands with Wounded Warriors

October 19, 2015

We hear a lot of talk about how we owe a debt of gratitude to our returning veterans, but one Florida-based company has actually done something about it, and is now going even further.

The company is StatesideBPO, whose U.S.-based call center agents are Americans with disabilities, U.S. Veterans, and U.S. Veterans with disabilities, all working hard and dispersed across 40 states.

Back in 2014, StatesideBPO selected inContact to power its contact center operations with the company’s Cloud Contact Center Platform. After experiencing the reliability, flexibility and scalability of the cloud firsthand, StatesideBPO has announced it will extend its investment into inContact’s cloud technology by adding agents and solutions to its existing multi-country inContact agreement.

“InContact allows StatesideBPO to extend multi-channel capabilities to our clients for their contact center and customer service needs,” said Garrett Mullins, Chief Sales and Client Service officer at the company. “This allows StatesideBPO and our clients to reduce costs and increase productivity by sharing a common contact center platform.”

Stateside BPO’s unique mission of providing Americans with disabilities with such jobs enables customers to interact with dedicated, highly educated, full-time agents. “This means your customer experience is intelligent and compassionate, and succeeds in a high volume of fulfilled call rates,” StatesideBPO says on its website. “Our management, agents, and contact center services are focused, organized, and dedicated to proving a return on investment while maximizing your customer’s experience.”

StatesideBPO’s expansion of inContact solutions includes a suite of Workforce Management (WFM) tools designed to improve contact center operations and increase efficiency. Such WFM will enable StatesideBPO, and its clients, to balance employee needs and staffing levels with customer satisfaction and call volume levels, ensuring the most appropriately skilled agent is available for each customer interaction.

“The BPO market has recognized the cloud advantages and is leveraging those assets by disseminating them directly to their clients,” said Paul Jarman, inContact CEO, in commenting on the enhanced contract. “We are pleased to have earned StatesideBPO’s confidence to expand their inContact solutions and integrate additional functionality with their existing cloud contact center core.”

StatesideBPO supports a wide range of industries including energy, healthcare, pharmaceutical, retail, and high-technology companies.

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