Online Shoppers to Get Help from Top Call Center Provider

September 24, 2015

Even though Autumn has just begun, savvy retailers are already gearing up for the coming holiday sales season, and one in particular has taken steps to assure that its call center efforts are up to the task.

InContact, a leading provider of cloud contact center software and contact center agent optimization tools, has announced that a major online retailer is moving its contact center operations to inContact’s cloud platform.  

The company – which, according to inContact company protocols was not named — has tripled in size over the past year and expects to have more than 2,000 domestic agents and up to an additional 3,000 agents with the planned opening of a Philippines contact center in 2016. “InContact’s proven speed to implement and scalability … were the key factors for the company’s decision to move 650 agents to the inContact cloud,” the company said in a statement.

Paul Jarman, CEO at inContact, echoed that sentiment. “The flexible nature of inContact’s cloud solutions, combined with the cost-effective, pay-as-you-go billing model, are ideal for the varying needs of this growing enterprise-grade company,” Jarman said. “Handling seasonal traffic fluctuations is crucial to retailers in the short term while our platform flexibility is able to meet the long-term business and capital expenditure goals of rapidly expanding operations.”

According to reports from both parties, inContact’s new customer will implement its multi-channel Automatic Call Distributor and fully integrated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solutions, which are the key building blocks of the inContact Software as a Solution platform.

“The ACD offers a universal queue for all multichannel interactions allowing the company to support customers in their preferred communication channel including voice, chat, email and social media,” the company noted. “InContact’s IVR system, which is seamlessly integrated with the ACD, offers customers self-service options while ensuring their needs are addressed by the most skilled and appropriate agents for their individual needs.”

InContact was named as Market Leader in the 2015 Ovum (NewsAlert) Decision Matrix.

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