‘It’s the Cloud on Line One’

October 08, 2015

To those in the technology industry, the cloud is a “no-brainer” issue, due to cost savings, better security and easier upgrades. Yet there are some in the business world who haven’t yet gotten the word, although that is changing.

One of the newest converts is a major retailer that has “seen the light” and is moving its call center operations to inContact’s unified cloud platform.

The company – which, according to standard inContact company protocols was not identified – was reportedly impressed by inContact’s “functional and flexible cloud based solution, [which] will provide the support needed as the company expands operations and grows its workforce,” according to an inContact statement.

Inside sources note that with the retail company’s ongoing growth leading to more than 1,000 stores nationwide, the inContact implementation is said to include more than 200 agents in two contact centers, with plans to leverage the scalability of the cloud platform to further expand their customer service operations.

The move makes sense on several levels. “InContact’s complete cloud solution has the agility to reduce the complexity of contact center operations for growing companies,” inContact CEO Paul Jarman said in a statement about the deal. “Having the product scalability to manage agents’ schedules and enhance self-service options will greatly impact the way retailers manage seasonal traffic fluctuations across multiple contact centers.”

According to both companies, the retailer will implement the key building blocks of inContact’s inbound and outbound solutions including support for email, chat, SMS messaging, and social media in addition to traditional voice channels.

“The powerful combination of Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) ensures all inbound calls are assigned and routed to the ideal agent for each customer’s specific issue,” inContact said. “For outbound communications, inContact’s new customer selected the award-winning Personal Connection (PC) dialer, which increases productivity by seamlessly connecting agents with clients by eliminating the telltale awkward pause of typical legacy dialers.”

Implementation of the new system is set to begin shortly.

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