Energy, Time-Savings Big Selling Point for Move to Cloud

December 03, 2015

Energy sources outside of the old standby of fossil fuels are gaining new respect and new proponents in the world today. If we can get power from the free wind and sun all around us, why wouldn’t we?

So taking that thought to its next logical step, a major provider of alternative residential energy has announced it’s moving its contact center operations to inContact’s unified cloud platform. The cost-savings and efficiency alone justify the move, but there are other reasons as well.

“The company will implement inContact’s cloud solution to more than 200 agents in four contact centers and utilize the functional and flexible cloud-based solution to support its plans for aggressive growth,” inContact said in a statement.

The energy company – which, according to inContact company protocols was not identified – said it chose inContact cloud for its flexibility and power to drive revenue through streamlined services. It’s a move inContact has seen before.

“inContact’s seamless cloud platform is designed to simplify contact center operations so companies can focus on growing and scaling their offering,” said inContact CEO Paul Jarman, in commenting on the new client. “By delivering our solutions in the cloud, inContact ensures ease of use through comprehensive platform integration.”

According to both parties, the inContact Cloud Contact Center Platform is built on a multi-channel Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) and fully integrated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. inContact’s ACD provides a universal, multichannel queue allowing the company to support customers through voice, chat, email and social media. The integrated IVR system offers self-service and automatic call back options during unusually high call volume instances which greatly reduces contact center hold times and improves the overall customer experience.

It’s worth noting that inContact’s new customer also selected the inContact Agent for Salesforce to integrate with their existing Salesforce CRM. “Incorporating the inContact platform with the company’s CRM will increase the contact center efficiency with a single interface providing customer information screen pops, enabling agents to provide a higher level of customer service,” the energy company added.

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