Contact Center Help from inContact Aids Denver’s MINDBODY Client

December 04, 2014

If you’re going to be in the health business, you need to stay on top of trends and updates so that when customers call, they can get the answers they need.

That was what prompted MINDBODY ( – ), the largest cloud-based software provider within the health, wellness, and beauty industries, to start using inContact products in 2010 especially for its client Bodies by Perseverance (BBP), which uses MINDBODY’s software to run an exclusive personal training and fitness gym located in Denver.

According to a recent blog post by Allison Potter, customer marketing specialist at inContact, the folks at MINDBODY saw the value of inContact’s offerings, and continue to develop progressive solutions for its customer service teams. At MINDBODY, leveraging technology to create fast and effective customer experiences is crucial.

“Our contact center services over 40,000 customers and can take upwards of 2,000+ calls per day,” MINDBODY’s Stacey Potts told Potter. “We receive an influx of calls about how to set up holiday promotions, redeem gift cards and run reports, starting around Thanksgiving and continuing through the month of January.”

Bodies by Perseverance depends on MINDBODY for help in creating holiday promotions each year, such as their recent Black Friday ( – ) deal, Potter noted. As Co-Founder and Trainer at BBP, Jennifer Samuels encourages people to begin their fitness programs today. “I have several clients that want to start their nutrition and exercise plan after the holidays,” Samuels said. “But now is the time! Don’t feel like you have to wait for the New Year. Stay active and be mindful of keeping your meals balanced.”

A critical part of that planning includes utilizing the advantages offered by inContact. They include;

Update your IVR to include your most popular holiday requests: In order to reduce the amount of call transfers, MINDBODY adds a new IVR option for the holiday season. Customers are quickly routed to the agent that is best skilled in creating holiday promotions or setting up gift cards.

Take the load off your agents. Review FAQs and push top content to your website: MINDBODY takes the initiative to review how customers can help themselves online. “I frequently use MINDBODY’s website to search for an answer I need,” said Samuels. “I also love accessing the community forum to see what other owners are doing and to find a solution quickly.”

Explore Integrating your CRM with your IVR: “MINDBODY wanted their customers to have a seamless call interaction that would pull information stored in their CRM. What they developed was a customized phone tree experience,” Potter wrote. “The design includes having a ticket screen pop up for the agent to see the customer’s information. As a result, MINDBODY has lowered Average Talk Time and After Call Work so they can help the next customer. The client information is collected in the IVR by recognizing the Automatic Number ID (ANI) or Client ID (CID) hosted in their CRM.”

It all seems to be working out extremely well for all parties. “The robustness of inContact’s API and flexibility of studio scripting is everything,” said Patrick Perl, MINDBODY’s Senior Manager of Workforce Analysis. “We wouldn’t have anything we have now without this usability.”

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