Cloud Contact Center to the Rescue

December 15, 2015

In the world of “materials handling”, time really is money. If you can’t get the requested products to an anxious customer in a timely fashion, you’ve not only lost the sale but probably lost a customer for life, as well. That may be one reason why a major facility expert and materials handler has chosen to adopt inContact’s unified cloud platform for all its contact center needs.

The company – which, according to inContact company protocols was not publicly identified — will implement inContact’s “scalable, cloud-based contact center solution, robust reporting platform, superior quality monitoring, and multichannel offering throughout several locations across the United States,” according to a release.

The facilities expert reportedly has 300 agents in five contact centers and dozens more in remote and at-home locations, and is primed to utilize inContact’s flexible Cloud Contact Center Platform comprised of the company’s multi-channel Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) and a fully integrated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system.

“InContact gives our customers the power to achieve their customer experience goals through unifying all resources into one dynamic platform,” said inContact CEO Paul Jarman, in making the announcement. “Our suite of cloud-based products will allow this new client to increase reliability, enhance functionality and provide the best customer experience possible.”

InContact’s best-in-class ACD will allow the new customer to scale its business easily by providing skills and proficiency-based routing for both inbound and outbound interactions, with support for voice, email, text, chat and social media channels. “The IVR system provides callers with self-service options and allows customers to select a call-back when an agent becomes available rather than waiting on hold during times of high call volume,” inContact said. Additionally, inContact’s easy-to-use cloud platform includes simple modifications for adjusting to rapid and drastic changes in customer service traffic.

It’s worth noting that the company also chose to utilize inContact Quality Management, which provides customers deep insights into agent performance, helping to facilitate continuous improvement to their customer service processes. The inContact cloud-based solution also features multi-level redundancies and Disaster Recovery measures to ensure uninterrupted operations even when experiencing typical outage-causing conditions.

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